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 Guild Charter 2012

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PostSubject: Guild Charter 2012   Guild Charter 2012 Icon_minitimeTue Jul 17, 2012 6:45 am

Anima Guild Charter 2012

The Guild
Anima is a non-warring, peaceful and friendly guild on Fiesta's Bijou server. It is a guild for people who are nice, sociable, chatty, helpful and polite.

Joining the Academy
If there is a space, anyone can join an academy. When the academy is full you need to ask the guild/academy masters to make space. Making space means we need to delete another academy member, so expect to be asked some gentle questions to make sure you have a good chance of fitting in with us.

Joining the Guild
Academy members will usualy be invited to the guild after the L60 job change. You can also ask to join if you are already L60+, and will be given a little interview.
The minimum level for players to join outside the academy is 70.

We have few rules. Be nice, be honest, obey the game's rules. Do not beg for money or help - people will help if they choose, but constant demands for help are not welcome. There is no rule on how fast you should level, but if you never log in you will eventually lose your place.
Also try to be active, a small guild is far more fun then a big guild where only two or three members are online. Consider the guild as a big family, so try to talk to everyone :3

Academy: New players and low level characters in need of help and advice. Also allows the guild to get to know you before you join the full guild.
Member: A full member of the guild.
Guard: A well known and respected member of the guild. (Yunori,Liten)
Council: A senior member of the guild, respected and with a great reputation.
Admin: The top rank for most members, actually involved in the daily running of the guild. (Umika,Precis,CynnScarlet)
Academy Master: The Admin in charge of running the academy, to advice and see that the academy runs well (NOT to powerlevel academy people or act as a buffing machine!). (Mikropp)
Guild Master: Responsible for running the guild and all guild issues. (ErzaDD)

Raising your Rank
Do things to help the guild: Help people who really need it, give advice, chat, run events, greet people, help deserving non-guildies, or anything else you think makes the world around you a bit nicer. And don't be nasty selfish mean or lazy. If you are not sure what you need to do, ask the guild/academy masters for advice.

Other Guilds
We try to keep peace with all other guilds.

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Guild Charter 2012
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